Sunday, 12 November 2017

Week 11:
It got very cold very fast! Please ensure your child is dressed warmly in layers. All students are expected to go outside for recess, if you child is too ill to partake in recess, they should remain at home for the day.

Last week we said goodbye to two students, one who returned to Lebanon with her family and one who will be joining the MFI program at Blossom Park. We wish them both well in their new adventures.
Progress Reports were sent home on Thursday! Please read and return the interview portion to me. Looking forward to meeting with you at the end of November!

Language:I am very please with the work I have been seeing on spelling and language. Students are also working very hard to strength their reading skills and using good strategies to help them along! This week we will be working on reading new stories, answering comprehension questions using detail from the text and making connections to the text to our own lives. 

In writing we will be beginning to do some procedural writing. We will begin by writing step by step instructions for familiar activities and once comfortable with the wording and format we will write some more exciting pieces like how to bath an alligator or how to brush a lion's teeth.

In grammar this week we will continue to work on nouns and will be working on plurals as well.

Math: We will now be moving to geometry! This unit is very language based. To ensure that we keep fresh on our operational skills, I will be continuing to have students practice their addition and subtraction skills also. We will also be continuing to problem solve using the cube method. Last week we did addition problems so this week we will be working on subtraction problems.

 Social Studies:We started to learn about cardinal directions last week. We will be looking at maps and the parts of maps this week. I  am hoping to start the political map of Canada this week also. A great home connection would be to explore a map of the world with your child and to talk about different places in the world! Right now Australia and New Zealand are getting ready for summer! New Year's is celebrated by a trip to the beach and a family BBQ!

Art:The Dove art the students did this week was amazing!!!! I had many teachers and students stop to comment on how beautiful our art was! This week we will be continuing to use shape to create pieces, I am hoping to tie this in to our math!!

Gym: This week we will be starting Borden Ball! I am hoping to have taught the game basics before tryouts start! I will also be encouraging the class to tryout as the experience will be good for them.

Health:Last week we ran out of time for health in a race to complete our Remembrance Day art. This week we will be looking at the required daily physical activity.

Homework will be unit 3 in spelling. I will be sending home unfinished subtraction also. Please ensure your child does not use a calculator for subtraction and do not change any of the information on science that your child has researched.

I will be setting up Raz kids accounts for our class also that allows them to practice reading at home. The on-line part of this program is new to me so I may not have it ready to go for this week.

Popcorn orders have changed and are now sold at a table on Fridays for $1.

If you need to contact me you can call the school and leave a message and we can arrange a meeting time or you can email me at the school

Have a great week!!!
Peggy MacLeod

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Week 10:
Looking ahead at the weather for the week, we are expecting a lot of rain today and tomorrow and sunny but cool conditions for the remainder of the week. That being said, we will be having indoor gym on Monday and Tuesday morning but will be outside for the rest. Please ensure that your child has a coat, extra socks as the field is sometimes damp and is dressed in layers as the classroom is still typically warm and it gets hot in there as the day progresses.

Last week we welcomed two new students to our class. I am super proud at how the students have behaved to help these new gentlemen settle in, from being good class ambassadors helping them learn new routines to translating for me. Way to go!!!

Language:I bumped the spelling test on Friday to Monday as I was away in the afternoon and we had a guest teacher. This week we will be reading a couple of new stories. We will be focusing on making connections to the text. These connections could be self to text, text to text or world to text.

I writing, I am hoping to start and complete some Remembrance Day  poems. 

Math: We spent a great deal of time looking at fact families and equations. I wasn't planning on spending that much time on this topic but feel that it was time well spent as these patterns will present themselves again when we start multiplication. So this week we will be problem solving using CUBES as a strategy.
In addition to problem solving, I would like to finish up subtraction so we can move on to the dreaded multiplication.

Science:We are down to the last few projects being completed and they look fantastic!!

 Social Studies:We will be starting the first unit,Canada's political and geographical regions, this week!! We will start the unit by looking at the world and where Canada is located. Parents might want to continue this discussion with a look at the world at home. Students love locating familiar countries on the map and there are is lots of new learning to be found. For instance there are many wows when students find out that Africa is not a country! or just how big Canada really is, consider how many other countries can fit inside Ontario alone!!

Art:I would love to do some Remembrance day painting this year. I am not certain we have all the materials necessary to paint with such a large group but I will definitely be looking into it on Monday.

Gym:I am hoping to start instructing Borden ball soon. This is a school team sport that the grade 4s qualify for. We generally have a grade 4 boys and girls Borden Ball team that is formed before Christmas, I will keep you posted as to when and where this will be happening.
Health:Last week we looked at labels and learned to read the Nutritional Facts. We learned why these facts are important and how they can help us. This week we will be looking at the required daily physical activity.
Our Remembrance Day ceremony will be taking place on Friday November 10th. Parents and families are welcome to join us. Our assembly will begin at 10:50am in the gym, please arrive by 10:40 if you plan to attend.

Homework will be unit 2 in spelling. I may have to send home unfinished subtraction and science this week also. Please ensure your child does not use a calculator for subtraction and do not change any of the information on science that your child has researched.

Popcorn orders have changed and are now sold at a table on Fridays for $1.

If you need to contact me you can call the school and leave a message and we can arrange a meeting time or you can email me at the school

Have a great week!!!
Peggy MacLeod

Sunday, 29 October 2017

Week 9:
Happy Hallowe'en everyone!! After some discussion at school, we will be dressing up for this North American tradition! YEAH! Students may wear costumes to school, however no masks (they can bring them in a bag to show the class behind closed doors if they would like), no weapons, nothing too scary we do have 3yr olds at the school. Please do not send anything too special as we do have gym and two recesses. Please take note that students will be wearing this costume all day, so if they want to take it off they will need to have something else to wear and a bag to store it in. Students not wishing to dress up can wear orange and black that also.You are welcome to send in treats to share I allow students to eat some and take some home... it's all about pacing yourself with candy!

Language:This week we will be working on writing detailed reading responses. The focus again will be on using the wording in the questions to frame the answers and pulling details from the text to complete.

We will be continuing to work on writing for the final Habitat task this week. Some students have started good copies!! I will be adding to though a poetry writing piece for Remembrance Day. I will be pushing pretty hard to have good copies of this finished in time to put up on display for he assembly.

Math: This week we will be looking at equations. This is still part of the patterning unit. We will be looking at fact families and the patterns they present. I will also be introducing problem solving using CUBES as a strategy.

Science:We continue this week to work on our final task project. It is important that students make every effort to be present at school each day so as not to miss any work time on this project.

 Art:We have started to look at using line and form for sketching different images. We have been exploring some how to draw videos on YouTube and students have  been practicing sketching in sketch books.
Gym:I have gathered a large number of out door games for us to use! I am also exploring using the stage for DPA on days when the weather does not permit us to go outside. Our class is very large and very busy so it is very important that students have an opportunity to get active every day. I find mid day to be the optimal time for this and leaves students refreshed for the second half of the work day.

Health:Last week we will continue to look at Nutritional choices this week. We will also be looking at how much daily physical activity is recommended for children our age and decide what we can do to increase this.

I have finally figured out a spelling program or rather programs that I believe will suit our different levels. I will be going over spelling with the class on Monday and the homework will be going home with them. They should complete the activity and practice spelling list words. On Friday we will be having a spelling quiz. Your child can practice spelling words aloud with you, writing them on a paper in pencil, marker, pencil crayon etc, typing them on a computer, reciting them over and over. Look for smaller words within larger ones or familiar chunks to help your child remember.

Popcorn orders including money is due Wednesday for Friday delivery. (popcorn is $1 a bag $2 for a box of caramel corn)

If you need to contact me you can call the school and leave a message and we can arrange a meeting time or you can email me at the school

Keep sending in Food for the food bank!!! We are doing a great job! If you are in the school take a peek at all the boxes we have collected so far by the front foyer!

Have a great week!!!
Peggy MacLeod

Sunday, 22 October 2017

Week 8:
What beautiful fall weather we are having!! I am loving this! We are also taking full advantage and are outside for gym as often as possible. I have been playing with the gym times trying to find the best time possible for the class. I have found that if we go outside for period 4 which is right after first Nutrition Break, they seem to be refreshed and focused for math. So I am going to run with this for as long as it works. Which means students should be prepared to go outside each day for gym.

Things are getting very busy! I am writing progress reports and they will be submitted to the office next week, which means they will be sent home not too long after and we will be meeting to discuss following that! I like to meet with everyone for the first progress report. We generally have a PD Day that day and an evening time the night before. I will try to fit everyone in for the times that are best for you. I may do some before school interviews and some after school interview times as well for my working families.

Language:The students presented their reader's theatres last week and they did an amazing job! I am hoping to have them present to some of the younger classes as well! In writing I am super surprised with some of the quality I am getting! I have some fast expert writers who have finished all their assignments already and will be writing some fun spooky stories this week!

In reading we will be looking at a couple of different stories. One group will be reading the old classic "The Spider and the Fly" and the other group will be reading "The Green Ribbon" a super spooky story I remember from when I was a kid!

I have been crossing reading and writing over into science as of late as well and showing the students how to use the internet to do research. We will be doing some non fiction writing on habitats very soon as part of the final project for that unit.

Math: I started patterning last week and so far so good. Patterning is a lot of language and the students have been practising writing pattern rules and creating patterns following the rules. We will be continuing with this  this week and will be also looking at the patterns that show up in algebraic expressions. We call these fact families for example 3,4,7 : 3+4=7; 4+3=7; 7-4=3; 7-3=4 From 3 related numbers I can make 4 algebraic expressions. Likewise if I know 5+3=8 then 8-_=3 I can solve.

Science:We have started our final projects! All students have selected a habitat to research and we have been working very hard at learning all we can. On Friday students shared some cool facts they found while researching! This week everyone should be working on researching the plants and animals they have chosen to report on.

 Art:We will be moving on to the next element of design this week! Shape and form. We will be learning how to use shape and form to sketch different images.
Gym:In gym we have been working on ball control. Last week students practised throwing and hiking footballs. We also took the parachute outside for some upper body workout fun!

Health:Last week we looked at the Canada Food Guide and determined what we needed to eat each day and why. Students learned that they need to eat bone healthy foods, protein for skin and muscles, vitamins for healthy immune systems, carbohydrates for energy and some fats and oils to help in the absorption of vitamins and for brain development! This week we will look more closely at vitamins and what each does for us!

Popcorn orders including money is due Wednesday for Friday delivery. (popcorn is $1 a bag $2 for a box of caramel corn)

If you need to contact me you can call the school and leave a message and we can arrange a meeting time or you can email me at the school

We are starting our annual We Scare Hunger food drive. If you have extra nonperishable goods that you can donate, please send in. All food goes to local food banks.

Have a great week!!!
Peggy MacLeod